MSP Goliath Events - 5 Games Guaranteed

The Goliath events will be tournaments that are limited in entries, but will maximize your softball for the weekend.  These will be one-day events that will guarantee your team 5 GAMES!

These events will allow us to gear the schedule to being more team friendly and yet allow your team to maximize it's softball on these weekends.  By tweaking the format, we can guarantee you 5 different opponents and still have a shot at the Championship.

Tournament Format

Men's Open/Men's D/Men's E Divisions
  • 10 Teams Per Division
  • Teams will be broken into 2 pools of 5 and will play Round Robin in Pool Play
  • Top 2 teams from each pool will move to the Semifinals to play for the Championship
  • Remaining teams will play in Place Games to determine the final order of finish
    • 5th Place Game (3rd Place in each pool)
    • 7th Place Game (4th Place in each pool)
    • 9th Place Game (5th Place in each pool)
Mixed/Women's Divisions
  • 6 Teams Per Division
  • Teams will play Round Robin schedule of all teams
  • Best Record will be the Champion

Goliath Events

March 22, 2014
Frank White Sports Complex
Worth Goliath

Men's Open (10 Teams Max)
Men's D/E (15 Teams Max)
Mixed (10 Teams Max)

Both divisions will be played with the 3 HR + 1-Up Equalizer Rule.
CLICK HERE for info on the Equalizer Rules.

$215 Entry Fee
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